Having made her artistic and professional debut on stage and before the lens as a child, New York City-based Miss Damiana K. has worked as a model, musician, performer and promoter for many years. She has been photographed, filmed, recorded, painted, drawn, printed, quoted and toured around the US and UK numerous times over throughout her lifetime. She has also been credited under several names and runs the gamut as far as genre and versatility are concerned.

Damiana has regularly appeared in print, film, fine art, television, trade shows and has even walked the occasional runway. She has also been the subject of various paintings, drawings, comic art and has been known to haunt art galleries as well as make the occasional appearance at the now infamous New York ComicCon.

As her background in working as a promotional model/spokesperson has been fairly extensive, she may easily be recognised as a brand ambassador or merchandiser by those who have been avid attendees of concerts, conventions, sporting or club events in any major city. Independent music fans may have seen or interacted with her in earlier days as merchandise rep, backing vocalist or dancer at various gigs and events.
Some may also have heard samples of her voice used on CD tracks for various artists.

HorrorPunk aficionados may likely recognise her from Dr. Chud’s X-Ward as Nurse Damiana (or Nurse Darkstar). Her debut with the X-Ward family began initially with her appearance in the music video for the song “Powerless.” From there she began to appear both on stage and video productions as an integral part of Chud’s first solo project following his departure from The Misfits.

In relation to her own musical achievements, Damiana was classically trained in her early years as a mezzo-soprano vocalist, has sung before many audiences and won several competitions. She also has an extensive background in musical theatre, ensemble and solo performance. Despite having taken a fair amount of additional training on guitar and keys, neither have become a mainstay in her everyday life.
Though slightly more sporadically as of late, she is still involved in music and has most recently taken to studio recording and creative collaboration with other artists.

Also related to love of music has been her avid involvement in dance-related endeavours, both professionally and recreationally. Thus far her most highly favoured styles have included ballroom, modern, jazz, freestyle as well as a bit of dabbling in Raqs Sharqi.
However, this keen interest in movement has not been entirely limited to dancing. Many of her earliest years were filled with gymnastic activity and other athletic endeavours such as swimming and also yoga, which have become fixtures in her near-daily routine.


Miss K. is presently working toward completion of degrees in nutrition and theological studies, has been ordained as a Minister of Peace and offers counseling and assistance in methods for conscious living. She also acts as co-founder, ambassador and culinary workshop leader for a project called Lorax Community, as a means to serve local communities everywhere with a viable model for the sharing of resources, information and support.

To learn more about the Lorax Community project, her personal background and commitment to vegan outreach across the USA (and throughout the world), please visit her biographical page on LoraxCommunity.org.

In addition to all of the above, she is also an avid writer, composer, blogger and has done a fair amount of freelance work as a copy editor. Her professional literary background consists mainly of handling legal documentation, fact checking and editorial work for various publishing houses, magazines, non-profit organisations and other writers. An avid reader with an unending thirst for knowledge and eye for perfection, Miss K. is always researching things and eager to take on editorial assignments. Main areas of interest include: biography, wellness & health, philosophy, spirituality/theology/esoterica, animals, fine art and current world events.

Please refer to the buttons below for additional information on her professional background, current activities and upcoming events. To enquire about a booking, please first refer to her Mission Statement before contacting her directly via the contact module below.

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