Personal Mission Statement:

To Increase Awareness Through Positivity in Action

The sole purpose for putting myself in public view is quite different from the reasons given by others I have encountered in everyday life.
It has always seemed that I have been considered to be the “odd one” in most situations regarding public exposure, even when venturing into alternative work after severing my involvement with corporate spokesmodelling.

I have oft been referred to as “The Lorax,” now more than ever…

Though I have never gone the actual pageant or beauty contest route (have entered/won talent contests, but these were based upon stage performance and musical ability), I’ve been performing before audiences in addition to modelling in some form or another from childhood up to now for reasons which very apparently differ from “the norm.”

My involvement in the entertainment industry has never been about getting attention for attention’s sake, but more as a way to effectively show others that an animal friendly vegan lifestyle promotes an amazing sense of vitality brought on by the Universal peace and harmony which brings consciousness and shows through in a very bold way–even on stage/screen/celluloid.

It is also for these reasons that I ended up separating myself from the majority of corporate work and have made a point of being as active as possible in my attempt to publicly increase animal, environmental, social as well as spiritual and individual awareness throughout the years.

Thank you for having taken the time to read this.

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