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Auxiliary endeavours / Acknowledgements 

Affiliate projects / Inspiring influences

In No Particular Order…

I would like thank all of those who have been so kind as to include me in their noble works, whilst also making mention of a few projects & endeavours in which I am presently involved.

Lovecats / Diamond Dogs (& Sphynx Fingers)

Lovecats & Diamond Dogs offers customised services for companion animals of all shapes, sizes, breeds, & temperaments––while our “Sphynx sector offers specialised care for distinctive & hairless breeds. ᓚᘏᗢ

Veganarchist Kitchen / Veganarchy in the U.K.

Bright ideas grow where compassion flows.
No, this is not another culinary blog for middle class foodies! This integrative expansion of LORAX Community Kitchen & VeganDIY projects features hints, random life hacks, and a vast assortment of other ever-evolving insights generated from 32+ years of experience & global wanderings of an Ahimsa-centric, raw/living veganic culinary & holistic/herbal wellness professional––along with a host of other legendary vegan / DIY pioneers & mavericks.

Dawn of Peace Collective

Dawn of Peace is a creative community and peace organisation, dedicated to protecting the integrity and sacredness of all Life through conscious activism. Our mission is to build bridges and create true peace by educating people about the spiritual reality of life. We advocate nonviolence, holistic healing, and self sovereignty as vital tools for the evolution of humanity.

UNLESS Spiritual Fellowship

We welcome all who aim to work toward restoration of our planet through co-creation of a more peaceful world and way of life. Collectively, we bear fundamental regard for environment as an interconnected organism of which we are merely a fraction. All species are interdependent, interrelated, and equally regarded as sacred.

Earth Academy Records

The definitive Future Age organization & record label. For Hi-tech Hippies, Cyberpunks, Space Cadets, Goths, Trekkies, Futurists, Astronomers and IT Geeks! A collective of World Wide Kind. Home of Intelligentsia, as well as many other progressive musical innovators.

Sing with me on Smule!

Smule is a community platform which allows users to sing and play music––both alone and as a social endeavour.
I personally find that singing in the proper environment can help to heal the heart whilst soothing the spirit. In relation to such, Smule has been my preferred form of musical therapy since I first downloaded it after the passing of my father in 2015. The platform allows for solo explorations of sound, whilst its vast community also provides an incredibly fun, low-pressure environment for creativity and casual collaboration.

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